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Ocean Veritas – Back to the Deepwater Horizon well head

We spent the weekend bobbing around the Gulf of Mexico on seas that were about six feet tall—too big for us to sample safely. Many of us were relieved to have a break from sampling since it gave us a … Continue reading

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Gyre – We are a sediment sampling machine!

Here on the Gyre we really know how to party. We spent Friday night coring sediment only about 420 meters from the well head, right in among the drilling rigs, ROV boats, standby boats, and supply boats. (Quite the wild … Continue reading

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Ocean Veritas – Deep Sea Creatures and Muddy Sediment

There are days when pulling cores of mud out of the Gulf of Mexico and processing them might not seem all that thrilling. We, aboard the research vessel Ocean Veritas, heartily disagree. Our Chief Scientist Ian Hartwell is very interested in … Continue reading

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