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Pisces – Packin’ it In

The weather turned rough overnight and didn’t improve in the morning.  Gusty winds made operations difficult and dangerous, and since we only had a few more hours till it was time to head for home we decided to call it … Continue reading

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Pisces – Remembering the Men of the Deepwater Horizon

We steamed away from the Deepwater Horizon site at sunset under a cloudless sky.  As the rigs and ships receded over the horizon, it was difficult to picture the very different scenario that was occurring the night of April 20.  … Continue reading

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Pisces – Meet the Chief Scientist

Our chief scientist, Dr. David Valentine, is a professor of Geochemistry at University of California Santa Barbara.  We managed to tear him away from his work long enough to ask him a few questions. How did you get involved in subsurface … Continue reading

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Pisces – Seep Mapping

In addition to CTDs, core sampling and camera-tow operations, another aspect of our mission includes the mapping of natural hydrocarbon seeps in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon site. The Pisces was designed to be used as a fisheries research … Continue reading

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Pisces – the Tow-Cam

Last night, we deployed a tow camera to take photos of the sea floor to look for any evidence of oil that may have settled there, and for hydrocarbon seeps. Ken Feldman, a contractor working for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, … Continue reading

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Pisces – Now that you’ve got those cores, what are you going to do with them?

Another long day of coring… Still, J.P. found some time to show us what he does with the sediment samples he collects. “Once we bring the multi-corer up, we remove the corers and let them settle for a bit.  Then, using … Continue reading

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Pisces – How does that thing work, anyway?

We continued our core sampling today.  During a break in operations, J.P. Walsh of East Carolina University explained how the sampling device works. Basically what it consists of is a frame with corers mounted on a weight stand.  While the … Continue reading

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