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Gyre – ROBIO shows us these aren’t your typical backyard Pill Bugs

We are in port this morning offloading samples, restocking, and changing over some of our team, including our chief scientist. We say farewell to Neil Summer of Ecolyse who has expertly guided this expedition for the past month or so. … Continue reading

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Gyre – We are a sediment sampling machine!

Here on the Gyre we really know how to party. We spent Friday night coring sediment only about 420 meters from the well head, right in among the drilling rigs, ROV boats, standby boats, and supply boats. (Quite the wild … Continue reading

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Meet the Gyre!

We’ve been really busy onboard the research vessel Gyre. Today we are sampling about 10 nautical miles northwest of the Deepwater Horizon well head in the Gulf of Mexico where our primary job is to take sediment samples using our … Continue reading

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